IPA: zɛnʌtaɪm


  • (mineralogy) A yellow-brown mineral, yttrium phosphate (YPO₄)

Examples of "xenotime" in Sentences

  • It occures in nature as mineral xenotime.
  • The element is also found in euxenite and xenotime.
  • Similar compositions are found in xenotime or gadolinite.
  • Occasionally, gemstones are also cut from the finer xenotime crystals.
  • Xenotime and Zeolite are knife throwing twins who only appear in the manga.
  • Monazite or xenotime are heated either with sulfuric acid or with caustic soda.
  • By contrast, Dotson Ridge is characterized by steeply dipping pegmatitic and aplitic dikes variably mineralized with REE minerals including kainosite, xenotime, allanite, bastnaesite, thalenite, synchisite, and fergusonite.

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