IPA: zɛnʌtrænspɫˈænt


  • An instance of xenotransplantation.
  • The graft (tissue or organ) transplanted in such an instance: Synonym of xenograft.


  • To carry out xenotransplantation.

Examples of "xenotransplant" in Sentences

  • Potential risk of xenotransplant-associated infections.
  • The alphaGal epitopes function as a molecular adjuvant, effectively harnessing the xenotransplant rejection mechanism.
  • Herring C, Cunningham D, Whittam A, Fernandez-Suarez X, Langford G. Monitoring xenotransplant recipients for infection by PERV.
  • AT-MSC coinjection mediated abrogation of tumor latency and supported subcutaneous xenotransplant growth from very low melanoma cell doses.
  • However, no support was observed for human glioblastoma cells 8MGBA co-injected along with AT-MSC that did not sustain tumor xenotransplant growth in vivo.
  • Expression and multiplex cytokine assays confirmed synergistic increase in VEGF that contributed to the AT-MSC-mediated support of A375 xenotransplant growth.
  • At the same time, placing these cells into animals to create a so-called "xenotransplant" model has not been an effective solution, according to Johannes Zuber, M.D., a Clinical Fellow in the Lowe lab who played a key role in the research and is first author on the team's paper.

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