IPA: zˈɛrɪk


  • (of an environment or habitat) Very dry, lacking humidity and water.
  • (of an organism) Adapted to live in a very dry habitat.

Examples of "xeric" in Sentences

  • The others are xeric and hydric.
  • Its natural habitat is xeric scrubland.
  • It is a xeric landscape for large areas.
  • They inhabit primarily xeric weedy fields.
  • In the mountains that habitat may be xeric.
  • All four species are found in xeric habitats.
  • Its habitat are xeric, sparsely vegetated and rocky.
  • They tend to be associated with xeric or sandy habitats.
  • It thrives on a xeric watering regime as required by cacti.
  • It's on a hillside and has incredible diversity and is xeric.
  • It is typically found in rocky or sandy soil in xeric woodlands.
  • Northern limits of this ecoregion are the xeric habitats of the Guajira area and dry forests of the Sinú Valley.
  • The southern delineation follows the transition to moist forests and the northern delineation the transition to xeric desert.
  • Many xeric principles are simply common sense: Choose native plants rather than exotics, which can sometimes need lots of extra hosing.
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  • Municipalities and water utilities want people to go xeric, offering "cash-for-grass" incentives to homeowners who replace lawns with low-water-use gardens.
  • She said more "xeric" plant species - ones that use less water - are available but they are deciduous, which means they drop leaves in the summer, or they are cactuses or succulents.
  • Soil slightly hilled around a spiraling path of stone serves as raised flower beds to help encourage drainage -- a critical element in xeric garden design, so that roots of dryness-loving plants don't sit in water.
  • In this post-apocalyptic diorama, they sleep swallowed in whatever clothes and blankets they own to avoid freezing to death; they cook in tin cans; their women bleed to death giving birth; their children die of diseases the modern world thought eradicated; their men are despondent; weather permitting, they trek over xeric dirt roads and down jarring mountain slopes for countless hours and miles to reach a paved road.

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