IPA: zˈɛrʌgrˈæfɪk


  • of, relating to, or produced by xerography

Examples of "xerographic" in Sentences

  • Copying utilizes a rotating xerographic drum.
  • A xerographic color reproduction imaging system is disclosed.
  • A roll fuser structure for a xerographic reproducing apparatus.
  • As the xerographic process evolved, line overlay was left behind.
  • The prototype was built by modifying an existing xerographic copier.
  • We always work from our xerographic, printing and sorting core competency.
  • They may be printed with a xerographic process rather than offset printing.
  • A microfilm printer contains a xerographic copying process, like a photocopier.
  • In 1955, Haloid used a $3 million loan to build its first factory devoted to xerographic products.
  • I've been feeling unsatisfied with my current method of creating xerographic art from my digital prints.
  • He had arrived at the central concept, the idea of using a laser to “paint” an image on a xerographic drum, early on.
  • Xerox says, "We've been navigating the flood of information for 70 years -- since the first xerographic print launched the 'sharing era.'"
  • With the coming of the laser printer, computers printed by directing a laser to “paint” text on a xerographic drum, a different principle.
  • In 1947, Haloid took steps to increase its control of the xerographic patents held by others; by 1956, it successfully obtained ownership of all the key Carlson inventions.
  • Perhaps of no interest to anyone, the current roar and thunder between ID/Creationism a rose by any other name… and … well, between the fundies and mainstream religions is a xerographic reporduction of the debate among the myriad christain churches in the first through third centuries ACE.
  • An imaging system is disclosed wherein unpigmented transparent xerographic An imaging system is disclosed wherein unpigmented transparent xerographic toner images are used to make color and full color pictorial transparencies and selected hard copy according to specific toner tacking methods.

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