IPA: ˈɛksɛrˈɑgrʌfi


  • A photocopying process in which a negative image formed on an electrically charged plate is transferred as a positive to paper and thermally fixed.

Examples of "xerography" in Sentences

  • How a photocopier works using xerography .
  • A xerography type copy machine is disclosed.
  • Selenium was employed in early television and xerography.
  • Turn out high-quality prints on ordinary paper by xerography!
  • Xerography is the preferred term at Xerox, not across the industry.
  • Photoconductive chalcogenide glasses are used in xerography and television.
  • In xerography, registration method and apparatus for a variable pitch copier.
  • The paper matters more for the physical manhandling necessary for xerography.
  • Likewise xerography was still a pretty new tool and didn't handle photos well.
  • Chester Carlson invented a technique called xerography which we today call the photocopy technique.
  • Modern photocopying, or "xerography," works like this: a cylindrical drum is charged up with static electricity.
  • Many of the pieces in The Bonelands were originally published in Swill Magazine as black-and-white pieces intended for xerography.
  • As I mentioned before, I'm going to be taking samples from the print series I'm doing and rendering them as black-and-white images suitable for xerography.
  • As with basic xerography, toner particles then stick to the parts of the drum that have been electrostatically written on, and are fused from there onto paper.
  • Aside from drastically cutting the number of animators working in the studio, they used xerography for the first time to transfer the line art onto the cels instead of having the artists hand-draw everything.
  • An apparatus for developing a latent image on a charged photosensitive surface of a xerography printing machine has a magnetic brush assembly including a donor roll and a cleaning electrode adjacent to the roll for reducing the accumulation of toner particles as a coating on the roll surface.

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