IPA: zˈɪrɑfˈɪtɪk


  • xerophyte


  • (botany) Of, pertaining to, or being a xerophyte
  • (ecology) Having a very dry environment

Examples of "xerophytic" in Sentences

  • These species are very xerophytic.
  • The xerophytic ecosystem is also known as dry woodland.
  • Three species of the so called white rayed complex are xerophytic.
  • Semidesert comprising xerophytic cushion grasses occur above 1,000 m.
  • Plants adapted to extreme dry and arid climates are known as xerophytic.
  • The plants are xerophytic evergreen shrubs and are known to accumulate aluminum.
  • Temperate desert climates support the sparse xerophytic shrub vegetation typical of semidesert.
  • The semi-desert cover is a xerophytic shrub vegetation accompanied by a poorly developed herbaceous layer.
  • The answer is to choose ones thathave xerophytic modifications, which means they hang on to water for as long as possible.
  • Below the Douglas-fir belt, ponderosa pine is dominant to the west of the continental divide, constituting a xerophytic forest.
  • On the plains of northwestern Texas and eastern New Mexico, xerophytic grasses (blue grama and buffalo grass) are the characteristic vegetation.
  • The region is characterized by dry-desert vegetation, a class of xerophytic plants that are widely dispersed and provide negligible ground cover.
  • Many succulents possess CAM, as do semisucculents such as some yuccas, epiphytic (growing on trees or rocks) orchids, and xerophytic (arid-adapted) bromeliads.
  • The principal species are xerophytic and include the cactus species Bursera graveolens, Croton scouleri, Brachycereus nesioticus, Jasminocereus thouarsii (R) and Opuntia echios ssp.
  • Principle communities include tussock grasslands of Stipa spp. and xerophytic cushion grasses of Poa spp. interspersed with bushes of Schinus magellanicus and Condalia microphilia, among other species.

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