IPA: iˈæksɪs


  • (algebraic geometry) The axis on a graph that is usually drawn from bottom to top and usually shows the range of values of variable dependent on one other variable, or the second of two independent variables.

Examples of "yaxis" in Sentences

  • Add (yaxis); this value is used to increment the y-axis marker value. double yMarkerValue = Math.

Examples of "y-axis" in Sentences

  • The value on the y-axis relative to the value on the x-axis. gwjunkie Says:
  • That missing ‘l’ made me misread the y-axis label as something related to atheism.
  • Then he offers a bizarre diagram, with two axes: on the y-axis, innovation; on the x-axis, choice.
  • It made sense to me, but that was when I read the y-axis as “how smart your parents think you are.”
  • I first read the y-axis as ‘authenticism’. .which of course would have more accurately been ‘authenticity’ … anyways.
  • Then, down the left side of the page (the vertical y-axis), you write all of the common issues that come up in a typical week.
  • Here we go … the x-axis is the independent variable (price of chicken) … the y-axis is the dependent variable (squirrel population).
  • The key to understanding this one is knowing that her dependent variable is on the y-axis, so Insecurity is being predicted by the independent variable on the x-axis, Products.
  • The graph itself needs to be rotated -90 degrees, so that size is indeed the x-axis and shame the y-axis, but simply switching the labels is ineffective, as it changes (and makes wrong) the meaning of the graph.
  • You have a horrible tendency to post charts and either not label them properly (usually the y-axis) or not state what each curve represents (in this case it happens to be fairly obvious, but you should still state it explicitly).

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