IPA: jˈɑt


  • A slick and light ship for making pleasure trips or racing on water, having sails but often motor-powered. At times used as a residence offshore on a dock.
  • Any vessel used for private, noncommercial purposes.


  • (intransitive) To sail, voyage, or race in a yacht.

Examples of "yacht" in Sentences

  • Caffari was the skipper of the yacht.
  • The yacht was damaged below the waterline.
  • The yacht was an auxiliary of the coast guard.
  • The ship flew the pennant of the New York Yacht Club.
  • A yacht foresail or mainsail support and change over device.
  • The Dutch yacht is the fore runner of the Thames sailing barge.
  • Eighteen yachts answered the starting gun of the first regatta.
  • Model yachting is the pastime of building and racing model yachts.
  • He was the founder of industrial yacht building in the Netherlands.
  • The NEA spent $11,797 to charter a yacht from a Hollywood, Fla., company.
  • Men stopped wearing hats overnight, and churches may empty in a heartbeat, but a yacht is forever.
  • The folk replied, O King, we have found ten men slain on the sea-shore, and the royal yacht is missing.
  • After that he called his yacht the _Gloria_, in imitation of her name, and sometimes took the girl out on the sea.
  • Many people think that was his name because it's piratical, and so it was appropriate that he called his yacht Corsair.
  • Now when many individuals hear the term yacht club they see a collection of yacht owners gathering often to talk about their marine experiences.
  • At the time of her hiring, according to Anders, she asked HP to pay to move her yacht from the East Coast to the West Coast through the Panama Canal.
  • She pursued, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that when the King of France missed his daughter they brought him tidings of her, saying, “Thy yacht is lost”; and he replied,
  • The yacht is capable of 45 miles an hour with its 4,000 horsepower engine and when the Italians try to make a getaway in their skiff, the Streak streaks for them, "pulsing and vibrating and roaring like a thing alive" until the thieves haul in their oars and surrender.

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