yacht club

IPA: jˈɑtkɫˈʌb


  • A sports club for yachting.

Examples of "yacht-club" in Sentences

  • But even yacht-club members enjoy an exciting finish.
  • Even his clothes, offstage, have a certain kind of yacht-club vibe.
  • Alexis Vassilyitch to spend every night at the yacht-club at baccarat.
  • So we went down to the yacht-club wharf to see about the boat that belonged to old
  • We took him to a clothing-house, fitted him out with a new suit, yacht-club style, with
  • It was four kilometers against the current from the yacht-club dock to even reach the cooling pond.
  • Steam rose from the water as rain fell, but Arkady could see that Hoffman, Yakov and their car had deserted the yacht-club dock.
  • She was moored off the yacht-club house, and the American flag was flying at her peak, as though she had just gone into commission.
  • Perkins liked Vittoria, but when discussing Mirabella V on the yacht-club circuit, he couldn't resist referring to its name in French: "Mirabella cinq," as in "descended to the bottom of the sea."
  • The tarpaulins on the hatches have thus been kept continually wet, so that their close and heavy texture is rendered quite impervious to the air, The "Chancellor's" pumps afford a copious supply of water, so that I should not suppose that even the daintiest and most luxurious craft belonging to an aristocratic yacht-club was ever subject to a more thorough scouring.

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