yacht race

IPA: jˈɑtrˈeɪs


  • a race between crews of people in yachts

Examples of "yacht-race" in Sentences

  • With what undisguised contempt they speak of the enthusiasm displayed over the ocean yacht-race!
  • We say, in a regatta or yacht-race, that if the boats are anywhere nearly matched, it is the man that wins.
  • a Duncan Phyfe dining-room, in an aviation port, and during a yacht-race that was only used in two flashes, in a subway and finally in a bathroom.
  • Mr. Mindon, returning unexpectedly from an interrupted yacht-race, reached home with the legitimate hope of finding her at luncheon; but she was still out.
  • He had run needles through three corks, and planted them in the pitch-seams of the deck to form the three points of a large triangle, in imitation of the buoys of a yacht-race course.
  • While Europe seems in such ecstasy over the ocean yacht-race, there lies at anchor, stripped and dismantled, a vessel which was excluded from the match, it is said, simply because neither of the three competitors would have had a chance against her.
  • Just think of that yacht-race in England the other day -- a race between two electric yachts, with a couple of vessels ploughin 'along to windward carryin' between 'em a board fence thirty feet high to keep the wind off the yachts and give 'em both smooth water and equal chance.
  • He seems to be always setting out for Germany or Denmark or France, when he is not coming from Wales or Scotland or Ireland; and, when quietly at home in England, he is constantly away on visits to the houses of favored subjects, shooting pheasants or grouse or deer; or he is going from one horse-race to another or to some yacht-race or garden-party or whatever corresponds in England to a church sociable.

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