IPA: jˈɑtɪŋ


  • (often attributive) A physical activity involving yachts, such as racing sailing boats, cruising to distant shores, or day-sailing along a coast.

Examples of "yachting" in Sentences

  • The Bushs 'were true CT' yachting 'patricians too.
  • Model yachting is the pastime of building and racing model yachts.
  • We declined, as we were "yachting," and insisted that he should spend the night with us.
  • Some sports -- such as yachting in Savannah and softball in Columbus -- will be played a few hours away.
  • Better get the eleven-shilling sort, jacket and trousers — not the 'yachting' brand; and if you paint bring your gear.
  • Film played a crucial element in delivering close-up coverage of activities such as yachting, mountain climbing, flying and even parachuting.
  • Landlocked Switzerland joins the United States and New Zealand as having successfully defended their titles in yachting's most prestigious race.
  • Mr. Snider is well known for his keen interest in yachting and sailing, and we are all familiar with his writings on the early history of Canadian ships.
  • "It seems to have nothing to do with the whole idea of yachting, which is about cruising around at a leisurely pace, and enjoying your friends and the sea."
  • On these occasions Marigold gets himself up in a kind of yachting kit which he imagines will differentiate him from the ordinary chauffeur and at the same time proclaim the dignity of the Meredyth-Marigold establishment.
  • While official data on horse ownership are hard to come by, there's ample evidence that the country's new wealthy class is beginning to show an interest in horse riding, just as they have lapped up other hobbies and pastimes of rich people elsewhere, such as yachting, flying and driving fast and luxurious cars.

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