yachting cap

IPA: jˈɑtɪŋkˈæp


  • a cap with a flat circular top and a visor

Examples of "yachting-cap" in Sentences

  • He pulled off his new yachting-cap and addressed the man nearest him:
  • The man who puts on a yachting-cap, and asks if there's a bit of a sea on.
  • The lighterman in the yachting-cap spat vigorously, a good length that cleared the deck by at least two feet.
  • He wore a blue yachting-cap, and white duck trousers which were rolled up and displayed a good deal of red and black sock.
  • Another light-haired, curly little girl, surmounted by an old yachting-cap, spread apart sturdy shoes in an attitude at once critical and expectant.
  • 'It's this boy,' said the red-haired man, setting his yachting-cap at a jauntier angle to impress Mr Tedder, who had seen too many yachting-caps to be impressed.
  • If it is yachting, he has a chronometer with a gong in the cabin of a five-ton sailboat, possesses a nickle-plated machine to register the heel of his craft, sports a brass-bound yachting-cap and all the regalia.
  • Spencer, caparisoned for high seas by Fifth Avenue's highest haberdasher, stood off in a little cove of bags and baggage, yachting-cap well down over his eyes, the nattiest thing in nautical ulsters buttoned to the chin.
  • After a long interval he appeared mistily on the quay-side, accompanied by a depressed-looking individual in a great-coat and a yachting-cap worn back to front, who, he explained, had got two of the mucky barges tied up at the other end of the basin.

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