IPA: jˈɑtsmʌn


  • A man who sails a yacht.

Examples of "yachtsman" in Sentences

  • He was an avid yachtsman and loved sailing.
  • He was also a racehorse owner and yachtsman.
  • Cheers and smooth sailing to all wiki yachtsman.
  • A keen yachtsman,he died in post at the age of 73.
  • In the realm of sport he was an enthusiastic yachtsman.
  • Being a yachtsman is about as notable as being a golfer.
  • All trips are skippered by an experienced local yachtsman.
  • Packer was a keen yachtsman, boxer, golfer and polo player.
  • Before joining the series, Schrodt was an airline pilot and yachtsman.
  • According to the Handbook , he was also a licensed pilot and a yachtsman.
  • With his wire-rimmed glasses and measured speech, Rogge -- a Belgian, former surgeon and Olympic yachtsman -- cuts a distinguished figure.
  • (I call our yachtsman Euergetes because it is so unlike his real name that neither he nor his family will recognise it.) "Why, Euergetes," exclaimed Cynthia,
  • The first 'yachtsman' was Joshua Slocum, who started life as a sea captain and in 1895 set off on the world's first circumnavigation by a yachtsman in his boat Spray.
  • Ridgway – who runs the adventure holiday company founded by her father, the yachtsman John Ridgway – takes her two children, Hughie, eight, and Molly, 10, to school each morning in an open boat with an outboard motor from their home in Ardmore, in Sutherland.
  • All artists who focus on wildlife, historical and nautical scenes are confronted on a regular basis by people who are knowledgeable in these fields -- outdoorsmen, hunters, birders, Civil War reenacters, military historians (or military buffs), yachtsman and boating enthusiasts -- looking for mistakes.

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