IPA: jˈɑtswʊmʌn


  • A woman who sails a yacht.

Examples of "yachtswoman" in Sentences

  • KING: And you're an accomplished yachtswoman, right?
  • Until now no Polish yachtswoman achieved such a task.
  • She is best known as a solo long distance yachtswoman.
  • When her toilette was complete it must be admitted that as a yachtswoman
  • He wished the crew, skippered by black yachtswoman Cole, good luck, adding: "We'll watch."
  • I'm planning/scribbling notes on a novel about a round-the-world yachtswoman who reluctantly falls for a MMORG designer/tycoon and then feels bored to death staying at his gorgeous house.
  • The video snippets were excellent, including a lovely one of Simon Schama buying a house from an unsuspecting estate agent, and round-the-world yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur cleaning her house...
  • The Queen of England writes for it, the Queen of Roumania writes for it, the Shah of Persia writes for it, Lady Brassey, the yachtswoman, wrote for it, Congressmen write for it, peers write for it.
  • They say that the width between those long-lashed eyes is a common peculiarity of the artist's face; but she is no longer an artist; she is only the brave young yachtswoman who lives at Castle Dare.
  • A celebrated yachtswoman and artist, Ditton entered the 2005 Faraday Mill OSTAR, her first solo Trans-Atlantic Yacht race, in order to live the subject of her art and combine her two passions art and sailing.
  • The manner in which she wore her sailor-hat, her blue serge, and her neat brown shoes conveyed to the onlooker, and especially the male of that species (we cannot in conscience call them observers), the impression that she was a yachtswoman born and bred.

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