IPA: jˈɑgi


  • Yagi-Uda antenna
  • A surname from Japanese.

Examples of "yagi" in Sentences

  • Thanks for the nice yagi picture.
  • The Yagi is the easiest to rotate.
  • Stop trying to keep the yagi down.
  • Yagi is the 21st generation from that family.
  • The site primarily made use of Yagi antennae.
  • I studied the Yagi and the Parabolic in the navy.
  • The cavity magnetron was also of interest to Yagi.
  • And gain was found to be higher than that of a Yagi.
  • The Gizmotchy is a variation of the Yagi and the turnstile antenna.
  • In 1960 Yagi and the surrounding area was hit by a massive typhoon.
  • Most people will do well with a configuration of UHF "yagi" antennas.
  • You can repeat the above paragraph substituting 'yagi' or 'patch' or 'grid' antenna everywhere 'omni' occurs.
  • Synopsis: In the story, Saku Ōyagi is a quiet bookworm who moves back to his former hometown as a high school freshman.
  • If you live in a location where it you cannot point a single antenna to both tower sites, you may look into a "yagi" type antenna or, in some cases, two antennas.

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