IPA: jˈɑhi


  • the yanan language spoken by the yahi people
  • a member of an extinct north american indian people who lived in the pit river valley in northern california

Examples of "yahi" in Sentences

  • They even have a room devoted to the Yahi.
  • Rab aap ko insaaf bakshey, yahi meri prarthana hai.
  • He was the most famous Yahi, indeed the only one known to us.
  • The last known survivor of this people was from the Yahi tribe.
  • The Yahi Yana tribe had lived in the area for over three thousand years.
  • He has written: "abala jeevan hay teri yahi kahani, Aanchal mein hai doodh aur aankhon mein paani".
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  • Ishi often referred to one old Indian, named _Chu no wa yahi_, who lived at the base of a great cliff with his crazy wife.
  • Nepal is said to be the second largest country rich for water resources haina ra khai ta … … … kahi na bha load shedding kina yahi?
  • If ever Ishi wished to refer to a hero of the bow, or having been beaten in a shot, he always told us what _Chu no wa yahi_ could have done.
  • Kam-az-kam jis tarah se hum "Dear Mr Panini" se "Panini ji" aur ab "Mr Panini" hue haiN us se to hameN yahi sandes mila hai ki 'bahut huaa miyaaN ab jaayiye yahaaN se'.
  • Sub yahi soch kar nikle ki main top tha, when actually sirf fish market hue aur kuch nahi. again most wud get 5-7 if they have spoken 3-4 times with gud points traffic hawaldar banana is a different thing, you gotta speak sense as well, I somehow felt GD mein kafi logon ki lagi hogi.

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