yak butter

IPA: jˈækbˈʌtɝ


  • butter made from yaks' milk

Examples of "yak-butter" in Sentences

  • My friend Drgnan Pghlik and I whistling chants and carving yak-butter sculptures.
  • Reminds me of the yak-butter candy my folks brought back from a trip to Tibet a few years ago.
  • Some, like Tsai Ba Mao, 63, were drawn to a tent off the city's main square, where Buddhist monks had created a makeshift temple filled with rows of yak-butter lamps.
  • As his friends flitted about pouring yak-butter tea into tourists' bowls, he limped toward the back of the windowless Thiksey monastery's prayer hall, heavy copper pot trailing behind him.
  • Makeshift satellite dishes have been set up in several of the temple compound's courtyards, although it takes a close look to distinguish them from the solar reflectors the monks use to heat their kettles of yak-butter tea.
  • The moon was high in the south, its light slanting in rays through the breaks in the timber where the roof on that side had been destroyed; the rays were gray, substantial, like a milkness in water, because of the incense they burned in here, and the yak-butter lamps with their smoky wicks.
  • Shi Ba, which translates as Stone Dam, is an agrarian community that appears far wealthier than many places in Tibet proper: food, a mix of Chinese steamed buns and red Tibetan yak-butter tea, is plentiful, and satellite dishes stick out from many houses, even though water is still drawn from a well and the electricity fails just after dark.

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