IPA: jʌkˈuzʌ


  • A Japanese organized crime gang. (plural: yakuza)
  • A member of a Japanese organized crime gang. (plural: yakuzas)

Examples of "yakuza" in Sentences

  • Negishi is a member of the yakuza.
  • Akiko is the heir to a yakuza clan.
  • A small boss of the yakuza group Dobunezumi.
  • Even the Yakuza are admirable in their own way.
  • Most Yakuza operations are directed by the Oni.
  • Both the Mafia and the Yakuza are prominent forces.
  • They were called yakuza, he knew, “yaks” for short.
  • The main criminal organization are called the Yakuza.
  • Leader of the Nagatomi yakuza, ruthless and ambitious.
  • It is heavily hinted that they are also a yakuza group.
  • The tattoos are the trademark of the Iron Claw Yakuza clan.
  • The word yakuza itself comes from a losing hand in gambling. 893 ya-ku-za.
  • It has denied rumors that it sought the aid of Japan's notorious organized crime syndicates, known as the yakuza, to help orchestrate the cover-up.
  • Keiko Itokazu, an independent legislator, said she was concerned that organized crime, known as the yakuza, would exploit casinos for prostitution and selling drugs.
  • The dark, hedonistic world of the yakuza is the focus, though this story is about the illegal sex trade, a malefic home for unwanted Chinese girls, not a black market for fish.
  • Adelstein calls the yakuza "Goldman Sachs with guns" because of the prowess with which their groups' roughly 80,000 members infiltrate companies through extortion and intimidation.

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