IPA: jˈæmɝ


  • The act or noise of yammering.
  • A loud noise.
  • One who yammers.


  • (intransitive) To complain peevishly.
  • (intransitive) To talk loudly and persistently.
  • (transitive) To repeat on and on, usually loudly or in complaint.
  • (intransitive, rare) To make an outcry; to clamor.

Examples of "yammer" in Sentences

  • Btw if you look at the Yammer article creator.
  • Don't worry, I won't yammer on about it anymore.
  • We're not perfect; we yammer with the best of them.
  • The coyotes behind my house yammer like gossiping schoolgirls.
  • Yammer also has multiple mentions in microblogging and other related.
  • Competing Yammer won top prize at TC50 with a far more basic product.
  • Geni is also the parent company of enterprise messaging service Yammer.
  • Learn something before you yammer on about things you don't understand.
  • He was surprised to hear from me and wanted to yammer on about nonsense.
  • Instead, she mentally addresses the audience with continuous interior yammer.
  • A good first step is for women to ease up on the patriarchy yammer, especially when it comes to romance: Ideology has no place in the nation's bedrooms.
  • The more McCain and what's-her-name yammer on about Bill Ayers and domestic terrorists or remind us that McCain was a POW, the more out of touch they appear.
  • I'd also blabber about how awful Castro is if I wanted to get elected in Miami and yammer incessantly about the fantasy of clean coal if I was running in WV.
  • The politicians who want to overturn the law can yammer on about the Constitution, but what they can't do is explain how taking away important protections and benefits is good for actual people.
  • Honest, listening to the former mayor yammer on about the president (always wrong) and the candidates for the Republican nomination (all great), it did feel like the next stop was Donald Trump and reality TV.
  • For Him: The Watch What Happens: Live host had good chemistry with Ripa during a guest-hosting gig, he knows all about working with sassy women and can cut through the yammer to make his point under pressure.
  • The funnest part will be listening to the GOPers yammer about how it's all because the Dems obstructed their grand plans (of which they really have none) that would have helped middle-class families (i.e., given corporate america a giant bj).

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