IPA: jˈæŋ


  • (philosophy) A principle in Chinese and related East Asian philosophies associated with bright, hot, masculine, etc. elements of the natural world.
  • The monetary unit of Korea from 1892 to 1902, divided into 100 pun.
  • The cry of the wild goose; a honk.
  • A surname from Chinese of various origins.
  • A surname from Korean of various origins.
  • A county of Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China.
  • (Chinese philosophy) Alternative letter-case form of yang when used as a proper noun.


  • (rare) To make the cry of the wild goose.

Examples of "yang" in Sentences

  • The Yang blade starts to tremble.
  • Yang Yang faced no option but retreat.
  • It's the yang to the yin of most dinosaur epistemology.
  • Yang becomes penniless and wanders around the city aimlessly.
  • Yang Zhi becomes penniless and wanders around the city aimlessly.
  • So Yang made this garden to seclude himself from social position.
  • Yang was a gambler and a wastrel, but keen with the political scene.
  • The ideas of yin and yang are used in the sphere of food and cooking.
  • The Japanese initially buried Yang's beheaded body carelessly in the wild.
  • But in terms of the music, we all felt that Yang Peiyi had the flawless voice.
  • Wright gear is merchandised up the yin yang, but this I haven't seen in any gift shops yet.
  • Today we did a new form, yin yang medical t'ai chi, and then we did a Yang style flow which we had practiced for the past couple of weeks.
  • SBY menunjukkan kapabilitasnya sebagai seorang pemimpin yang melihat permasalahan secara makro, tetapi kurang mengeri permasalahan pada skala mikro.
  • Semuanya adalah angkara BN, maka kerajaan BN perlu dihukum kerana sudah membazirkan wang negara, masa dan anak-anak rakyat miskin yang menjadi korban.
  • Tidaklah mengherankan apabila di tengah ketidakpedulian itu ada pihak lain yang mengambil inisiatif untuk menata dunia perfilman nasional berdasarkan versinya.
  • Nah, kalau bisa Buatlah suatu pencapaian prestasi yang menakjubkan,,yang bahkan itu sulit dilalukan untuk anak seusia adek2. (contohny: ikut lomba penelitian, neliti sesuatu yang benar2 bermanfaat.
  • From a science point of view the above 2 paragraphs can be seen as coincidental and just yin yang where there has to be 1 part of evil (- energy) and 1 part of good (+energy) in order for the physics rule of equilibrium to apply.
  • Although his official powers are limited, the king—who carries the title yang di-pertuan agong in Malay, or His Royal Highness— is seen by some residents as the highest embodiment of Malay political supremacy, adding weight to his advice.

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