yard measure

IPA: jˈɑrdmˈɛʒɝ


  • a ruler or tape that is three feet long

Examples of "yard-measure" in Sentences

  • ( "Metro de drapo" would mean a yard-measure which was lying on cloth, or which is used for cloth).
  • If one looks closely one finds that actually he is about to take a measurement with a yard-measure.
  • The tailor locked away needle and thread, yard-measure and goose, in a press, and lived with his three sons in joy and splendour.
  • “The godless wretch!” cried the tailor, “to let such a good animal hunger,” and he ran up and drove the youth out of doors with the yard-measure.
  • And as the yard-measure would have been too good for her, he brought the horsewhip, and gave her such cuts with it that she ran away in violent haste.
  • After some time the young Queen heard her husband say in his dreams at night, “Boy, make me the doublet, and patch the pantaloons, or else I will rap the yard-measure over thine ears.”
  • The woman escaped from him, and sprang out into the yard, but he ran after her with his yard-measure and scissors, and chased her about, and threw the yard-measure and scissors at her, and whatever else came his way.
  • “What do I hear?” cried the tailor, and ran upstairs and said to the youth, “Hollo, thou liar: thou saidest the goat had had enough, and hast let her hunger!” and in his anger he took the yard-measure from the wall, and drove him out with blows.
  • Only two months ago it had almost come to a rupture between them; he had accused her of letting herself go, of growing fat, of enjoying her MUNCHENER on the sly: and — would they believe it? — next time he had actually brought a yard-measure in his pocket, to see if his suspicions were justified.
  • He knew every hole and corner in it! he was intimate with all her little feminine nicknacks — her silver thimble, her scissors, her bit of wax, and the yard-measure, which twisted itself in and out of an ivory cottage — he knew them all, as well as though they were his own; and he knew also where the workbox stood.

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