yard sale

IPA: jˈɑrdseɪɫ


  • (US) A sale of used household goods held on the seller's own premises.
  • (sports) The state that the participant (skier, snowboarder, skateboarder, cyclist, etc.) and their equipment is in after a nasty crash, whereupon they and their equipment is laid out across the ground like pieces of a yard sale.

Examples of "yard-sale" in Sentences

  • The more, the merrier—stuff and yard-sale participants.
  • I pruned my bushes in a dress today -- a cotton yard-sale dress.
  • The small back seat is no problem because he won't be using it for much of anything but carting groceries and yard-sale finds.
  • Plenty of furniture, too, a jumble of cast-off antiques and yard-sale specials, amassed slowly over the years—spared, salvaged, saved.
  • But Mr. Rodriguez or his lawyers might also argue that the ball is more like a $50 yard-sale painting that turns out to be a $100,000 work by Picasso.
  • The owner of this vacation property in New York's Ulster County installed bamboo flooring on the first level and decorated it with flea-market and yard-sale finds.
  • He suggests for example, moving a lamp which one needs to get rid of, from the middle of the living room to the corner of a less-used room to the basement to a yard-sale.
  • William Turnage, managing trustee of the Ansel Adams Trust, was indelicate in describing the yard-sale treasure hunters: "A bunch of crooks," he sneered, "pulling a big con job."
  • What used to be a 'virtual yard-sale' where one could hunt for - and potentially find - a good deal on a broad variety of eclectic items has now turned (in my opinion at least) into a hybrid mass of scammers and shady garage-retailers, clumped together with a straggling, dying breed of people who used to be excited about eBay, but who are now wishing it would return to what it used to be.

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