IPA: jˈɑrdɪdʒ


  • An amount or length measured in yards.
  • The use of a yard, or the fee charged for it.
  • (American football) Territory.

Examples of "yardage" in Sentences

  • And without yardage no grounding.
  • Some fairway markers give the yardage.
  • Michigan single game reception yardage.
  • Texas also was hurt by penalty yardage.
  • Statistics are not available for his yardage gained.
  • His yardage total was seventh best in Indiana history.
  • He was 10th in the nation for all purpose yardage in 1977.
  • He led the nation in completion percentage and passing yardage.
  • Cincinnati was unable to regain the yardage lost to the penalty and punted.
  • Being a caddie is much more about carrying a bad and reading a yardage book.
  • This season, Rams tight ends caught most of their passes in short yardage, which is part of their job.
  • You will soon get use these settings and will be able to tell if the yardage is a little less or greater.
  • Hansen is considered a more dangerous quarterback because of his ability to scramble or gain yardage off designed runs.
  • Free-agent acquisition T.J. Houshmandzadeh arrives from Cincinnati to boost a receiving unit led in yardage last season by a tight end.
  • No Redskins player disrespects Blache's '09 defensive scheme, especially since, in yardage stats, it's still far ahead of this year's crew.
  • AP Texas A & M running back Christine Michael tries to gain yardage as Missouri defender Brad Madison reaches for him during the first half of the No. 21 Tigers '30-9 victory in College Station, Texas.
  • Perhaps the play that turned the game most dramatically toward the Redskins was made by a defense that was ultra-violent all day long, dealing out two concussions and other gasp-provoking licks, even though it allowed the Eagles to lead in yardage, 353-293.

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