IPA: jˈɑrdɑrm


  • (nautical) The outer end of a yard, often equipped with blocks for reeving signal halyards.

Examples of "yardarm" in Sentences

  • You have a yardarm of complaints above.
  • It is currently the home of the Yardarm Motel.
  • The print shows two of them hanging from the yardarm.
  • But not together before the sun goes over the yardarm.
  • Nevertheless they must all be caught and hung from the yardarm.
  • Yardarm the main arm across the mast which holds up the sail.
  • In the absence of a gaff the ensign may be flown from the yardarm.
  • In the absence of a gaff, the ensign may be flown from the yardarm.
  • It also included tools for grappling, three forks, a yardarm and a spear.
  • Strap them to the yardarm and thrash them to within an inch of their lives.
  • It is a single 7 inch block that is suspended from an eyebolt at the yardarm.
  • Pazel made a show of checking the yardarm bolts, and the knots on the closest stays.
  • They looked aloft; at the end of the yardarm was a mass of bluish light like a small globe.
  • They rigged a double yardarm onto the masts to which they attached cauldrons full of flammable liquid.
  • The owls liked the house but they spurned the yardarm in preference to the roof ridge above my bedroom.
  • The Commonwealth Games, however, have driven me back to the TV before the sun is over the yardarm, and I note the Jeremy Kyle Show is still on.
  • Gerald, in one of his flourishes, had put up a yardarm extending out from under the eaves at the east end of the house—a sheltered vantage point for an owl.
  • Of course. .if he was a republican he would be swinging from the yardarm. .blago and burris both need to be in leavenworth making little rocks out of big ones

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