IPA: jˈɑrdmʌn


  • A worker in any of several types of yard, as:
  • A worker in a railyard.
  • (UK, historical) A farm worker assigned to the farmyard of a large farm, working at hostler duties (harnessing and hitching teams), loading and unloading wagons, feeding, and so on.
  • (chiefly Canada, US) A laborer hired to do outdoor work.

Examples of "yardman" in Sentences

  • We have been talking to neighbors and others about our yardman.
  • At least one of the local cops had worked at the house as yardman.
  • Mary Ellen didn't like the new yardman, Treat; Daniel thought Treat was a genius.
  • How oftenare my eyes so blinded by fear or pain that when He speaks, I mistake Him for the yardman?
  • The old tomcat watched Clay fromhiswindow, greedily lapping him up secretly like so much yardman cream.
  • Troy, the yardman, cued by the idling of the car's engine, would appear from the garden with a single rose for Maddox's lapel.
  • I parked my cruiser in the spangled shade of a live oak and was told by a yardman that Raphael Chalons was in the back, down by the bayou, walking his dog.
  • Well if you have four large dogs and a rat to pick up after before the yardman arrives at dawn so he won´t think you a flojo pig, you would see the importance of this issue.

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