IPA: jˈɑrdmæstɝ


  • A railway employee who is in charge of a railway yard.

Examples of "yardmaster" in Sentences

  • Pearl's yardmaster told Nimitz it would take months to refit the carrier.
  • Proper turning of equipment was the responsibility of the Hanks Yardmaster.
  • Rosario Dawson is splendidly confident as a dedicated assistant yardmaster.
  • He believed that the yardmaster could fix the Yorktown in 72 hours, and he was right.
  • When the empty trains returned, it was the yardmaster again who distributed them to the shovels.
  • In an exceptional cast, Rosario Dawson is Connie, a yardmaster who knows her stuff and has the courage to insist on it; Kevin Corrigan is an intelligent and intuitive federal safety inspector; Ethan Suplee is a dim-bulb threat to safety in the marshaling yard; Kevin Dunn is an invincibly dense manager, and Lew Temple is a welder who seizes the limelight.
  • At each dump was another yardmaster who reported the arrivals and departures of trains and his “readiness for spoil,” who ordered the distribution of loaded trains to the several dumping tracks, and who, in addition, directed the movements of the Lidgerwood unloaders as well as two additional pieces of equipment that had since come into use: the dirt spreader and the track shifter.

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