IPA: jˈɑrmˈɛɫk


  • Alternative spelling of yarmulke [A skullcap worn by religious Jewish males (especially during prayer).]

Examples of "yarmelke" in Sentences

  • On the flight to New York, the guy next to me put his yarmelke over his eyes, secured it with his glasses and slept like a freaking log for the entire trip, locking me into my seat for five whole hours.
  • On the bema, next to the ark, the rabbi and the cantor sat together, the latter stately in his black robe, long silken prayer shawl, and high-crowned and betasseled velvet yarmelke, he sat straight and tall, inclining his head on occasion when the rabbi whispered a comment to him, nodding gravely afterward.
  • His yarmelke, too, was the ordinary close-fitting skull cap worn by members of the congregation, and since he walked to the temple, his black shoes, plainly visible to the congregation, were invariably dusty, there was a shoe brush in the enrobing room, but in spite of Miriam's adjurations he always forgot to use it.

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