IPA: jˈɑrmʌɫkʌ


  • Alternative spelling of yarmulke [A skullcap worn by religious Jewish males (especially during prayer).]

Examples of "yarmulka" in Sentences

  • August 2nd, 2006 at 9:00 pm all yarmulka no law degree says:
  • Unlike our deaf one, Tai Gau, who will wear a yarmulka at parties ...
  • I'll be the guy with a blond beard, long blond hair, and a tiny Yarmulka.
  • He wondered if the cantor had put on his robes and tall white yarmulka to make the test.
  • Maybe he thought, I'll take them down one at a time such as that of a legal Paul Bunyon in a yarmulka.
  • Mbeki, wearing a blue and silver yarmulka, endeared himself to the audience by smiling and waving on entrance.
  • As usual, I wasn't holding any kind of political symbol, flag, banner or placard and was just wearing my yarmulka.
  • I would dance around the room without a clue as to the steps and, later, when I did learn them I danced at the drop of a yarmulka!
  • Shylock is shown wearing a yarmulka and tzitzis (fringes), thereby given a Jewish stage persona, while a suspender-wearing Antonio is shown seated.

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