IPA: jˈɑrmʌɫkʌ


  • A skullcap worn by religious Jewish males (especially during prayer).

Examples of "yarmulke" in Sentences

  • It is a sign of humility to wear a yarmulke.
  • A male dog wears a specific yarmulke, a thin skullcap.
  • He may have been writing about an ancestor of the yarmulke.
  • There are different proposed etymologies for the word yarmulke.
  • All boys and men wear a traditional Jerusalemite white yarmulke.
  • He would wear a yarmulke and really started to identify as a Jew.
  • Seems kinda insensitive, and he doesn't normally wear a yarmulke.
  • But, in actuality, wearing a yarmulke is a more complicated situation.
  • A Jewish man may indicate his observance of Judaism by wearing a yarmulke.
  • Jews may wear yarmulke under their authorized headdress and when bareheaded.

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