IPA: jˈɑrn


  • (uncountable) A twisted strand of fiber used for knitting or weaving.
  • (nautical) Bundles of fibers twisted together, and which in turn are twisted in bundles to form strands, which in their turn are twisted or plaited to form rope.
  • (countable) A story, a tale, especially one that is incredible.


  • To tell a story or stories, especially one that is lengthy or unlikely to be true.

Examples of "yarn" in Sentences

  • I bought a hank of yarn.
  • The cost of production in making the yarn is high.
  • The carpet is then steamed to fix the dyes to the yarn.
  • After the drying process, the yarn is ready for knitting.
  • It also improves the quality of the finished yarn product.
  • The trademark is filed in the category of yarn and threads.
  • I think the yarn is a lovely shade that should look good on you.
  • The fluid supports the strand so that the yarn does not touch the groove.
  • The process of the quilt is done with yarns or multiple strands of thread.
  • And the yellow and green yarn is knitting up a poncho for the Little Bird.
  • Mohair is a silk like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat.
  • This yarn is a little harsher than some other sock yarns too, but I liked the colors.
  • I don't love pink at all, but even I have to say that this yarn is a very pretty shade of pink.
  • Of course, before I could begin, I had to wind the yarn from a skein into a ball – I love to do this, but have had a difficult time doing it without ending up with tangles or knots at some point.
  • Equipped with new detail on the operations of each individual factory, the company boss might feel more comfortable yielding greater discretion to each factory manager; any drop in production - or mysterious disappearance of yarn from the supply room - would raise red flags at the head office.
  • Packed what I need for the recycled sari silk wrap currently in progress and the fingering-weight version of this shawl (variegated honey-colored merino), and this headwrap (to use up the leftover yarn from the wrap I finished last week) and this scarf (the variegated purple angora/polwarth I got at the NH sheep & wool festival).
  • This yarn is about several men who were seated around a club lounge room one cold winter evening, with the logs blazing in the fireplace and all that sort of thing and as they sat there and observed the various club members as they came in and hung up their hats and coats and entered the lounge room, they observed that each and every man walked over to the fireplace and invariably turned his back against the fireplace with his hands behind his back.

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