IPA: jˈɑrnspˈɪnɪŋ


  • inclined to tell long and involved stories (often of incredible happenings)

Examples of "yarn-spinning" in Sentences

  • There is no doubting that this is classic King at his yarn-spinning best.
  • All the same, it's hard not to warm tothe fluency and copiousness of Mitchell's yarn-spinning.
  • AfterTai and Rosita married, they bought some yarn-spinning machines that Rosita realised would give them far more creative potential with colour and pattern.
  • But in this case, the visual effects are even more seamlessly integrated into the story, never overwhelming its delicate balance of existential dread and old-fashioned yarn-spinning.
  • He has written a visceral chronicle of the murderous modern era and animated it with a zest for yarn-spinning that derives from the oral traditions of the Middle Ages, if not the ancient Greeks.
  • Encouraged by his yarn-spinning, innately theatrical mother, he had been fascinated from early childhood by performers of all types—preachers, politicians, actors, singers, Jim Crow dancers, blackface minstrels, low and high comedians.

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