IPA: jˈæʃmʌk


  • A veil worn by Muslim women to cover parts of the face when they are in public.

Examples of "yashmak" in Sentences

  • Seems to be what you call yashmak or I mean kismet.
  • They never, I think, wore the yashmak properly fixed.
  • The higher the rank the thinner the yashmak is the rule.
  • Verity/Hazlitt/Sidgwick, Careful! your yashmak is slipping!
  • I believe that camels have been seen wearing a type of yashmak over their nostrils for the same reason.
  • He had but to pull a cord and a veil would fall before his treasure, concealing it as effectually as an Eastern bride is concealed behind her yashmak.
  • Lady Hester related this story with great spirit, and I recollect that she put up her yashmak for a moment in order to give me a better idea of the effect which she produced by suddenly revealing the awfulness of her countenance.
  • She turns, and turns again, and carefully glances around her on all sides, to see that she is safe from the eyes of Mussulmans, and then suddenly withdrawing the yashmak, 6 she shines upon your heart and soul with all the pomp and might of her beauty.
  • Her face at the time was covered with the yashmak, according to Eastern usage, but at the moment when the foremost of the horsemen had all but reached her with their spears, she stood up in her stirrups, withdrew the yashmak that veiled the terrors of her countenance, waved her arm slowly and disdainfully, and cried out with a loud voice “Avaunt!”

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