IPA: jætʌgʌn


  • A type of sword used in Muslim countries from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries.

Examples of "yataghan" in Sentences

  • The yataghan was widely used in both the Ottoman army and navy.
  • Claw Cape, bent in the form of a yataghan, tapered away nearly four miles to the southeast.
  • Blood ran from Cord's side where the yataghan had slashed it, but the wound was a minor one.
  • “His hero, Des Esseintes, comes from a long line of grim, muscular warriors with yataghan mustaches.” oriflamme.
  • While I gather my thoughts for a coherent post about it, here are a few more words that sent me to the dictionary: yataghan.
  • Its curious shape told Gord It was some form of yataghan, with a needle point and wickedly sharp inner-edged cutting surface.
  • Gord managed to Jump back, barely avoiding being skewered as the yataghan shot forth a foot farther than Gord thought possible.
  • He carried no arms, openly at least, but under his belt was hidden a revolver and in his pocket, one of those large knives, resembling both a cutlass and a yataghan, with which a
  • Marvand, the Surgeon-Major of an Algerian regiment, reports the case of a young Arab woman who had been severely injured in the right lumbar region by a weapon called a "yataghan," an instrument which has only one cutting edge.
  • At first the natives declared that their hens were mere old maids and all their cows unmarried, but our Tatar swore such a grand sonorous oath, and fingered the hilt of his yataghan with such persuasive touch, that the land soon flowed with milk, and mountains of eggs arose.

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