yellow pages

IPA: jˈɛɫoʊpˈeɪdʒʌz


  • A telephone directory that lists commercial organizations, organized by type of organization.

Examples of "yellow-pages" in Sentences

  • This is a yellow-pages directory of public Twitter accounts.
  • A similar opportunity may exist at publicly traded Yellow Media, Canada's largest yellow-pages operator.
  • Big companies, from search engines to yellow-pages publishers, have long added user reviews to their local listings.
  • AT & T Inc.'s U-verse has TV apps for sports, yellow-pages and other functions, and is testing some for social media.
  • Contrary to what I reported earlier about Canpages, this new yellow-pages service for Canada, does have a distance search.
  • It raised $10 million from Norwest to do so, and now serves as a yellow-pages type directory for 20 Indian communities and has spread to Canada, London and Dubai as well.
  • Unveils Photo-Mapping Service AP via Yahoo News Aug 16 - Amazon's has been photographing businesses in US cities and adding the photos to its yellow-pages service.
  • Mr. Hessel compared the newspaper business with the yellow-pages directories business of a few years ago, which found favor with high-yield bond investors before entering a steady decline.

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