IPA: jˈɛɫoʊhæmɝ


  • A passerine bird, Emberiza citrinella, of western Eurasia, which is mainly yellow in colour.
  • (US) The northern flicker, Colaptes auratus.
  • A native or resident of the American state of Alabama.

Examples of "yellowhammer" in Sentences

  • Breeding birds include willow warbler and yellowhammer.
  • Conceivably, the yellowhammer information could go in that section.
  • The somewhat monotonous song of the cock resembles that of the Yellowhammer.
  • The yellowhammer and the hedge sparrow tell over their short, recurring staves.
  • At the crest of the hill the wood gives way to fields, and a yellowhammer called and flew along the hedge.
  • With yellow breast and head of solid gold. admin Uncategorized john clare, randall couch, the yellowhammer
  • The yellowhammer is the most persistent individually, but I think the blackbirds when listened to are the masters of the fields.
  • A cock yellowhammer sings insistently from a laburnum tree as I quit the lanes and walk woodland paths where last anemones wilt into emerald moss.
  • An intriguing letter from Will County, Illinois, reported that shitepoke denoted a crane, but mentioned local use of the bird name "yellowhammer" for "dirty and disreputable ... not necessarily poor" natives.
  • I told the boys that a yellowhammer had been the first special bird I had noted on my very first proper rather than back-garden bird-watching outing aged seven, and how my dad and I had struggled to clinch the identification.
  • As we were advancing to the attack and to support the Alabama brigade in our front, and which had given way and were stricken with fear, some of the boys of our regiment would laugh at them, and ask what they were running for, and would commence to say "Flicker! flicker! flicker!" like the bird called the yellowhammer, "Flicker! flicker! flicker!"
  • DEAR MR. PUNCH, -- I wonder if any of your intelligent readers have noticed the wonderful adaptability of Nature, of which I send you the following remarkable instance: -- The yellowhammer, which we are always told sings, "A little bit of bread and no che-e-ese," has (unless my ears grossly deceive me) changed its words this year to "A little bit of cheese and no bre-e-ead!"

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