IPA: jˈɛn


  • The unit of Japanese currency (symbol: ¥) since 1871, divided into 100 sen.
  • A coin or note worth one yen.
  • A strong desire, urge, or yearning.
  • (slang) Opium.
  • Alternative form of Yan (ancient kingdom) [(historical) An ancient march, duchy, and kingdom of northeastern China during the Zhou dynasty.]


  • (transitive) To have a strong desire for.

Examples of "yen" in Sentences

  • Yen is ready to tumble hard and fast.
  • By 1971 the yen had become undervalued.
  • The is one denomination of Japanese yen.
  • It is fixed value of the yen to the US dollar.
  • He knows the fixed value of the yen to the US dollar.
  • SunTour suffered from devaluation of the yen in 1985.
  • The yen was the currency of Korea between 1910 and 1945.
  • The is the largest coin denomination of the Japanese yen.
  • The Korean yen was the currency of Korea between 1910 and 1945.
  • In the future, who knows if the pound or the yen will be dominant
  • 3RD LD: Extra budget to top 2.7 trillion yen to cope with rising yen+
  • The strong yen is proving to be tough to beat for a number of Japanese exporters.
  • This week, that trend has slowed a bit, with investors moving to hedge against near-term yen, euro and dollar swings.
  • Providing support for the yen is the steady stream of Japanese companies converting foreign earnings back into their home currency.
  • Perhaps that is what we call yen fen (predestined romance); they started dating each other soon afterward, and tied the knot after six months.
  • "We think the dollar-yen is going to stay at around the current 80 yen level and we don't expect to see the yen marching steadily higher," Mr. Tanaka said at a news conference.
  • In Nomura's cash-cow retail brokerage, revenue dropped 21% to 87.8 billion yen from the prior quarter due to the strong yen and extremely sluggish client activity over the summer months.
  • After having thus repeated ‘the neck’ three times, and ‘wee yen, ’ or ‘way yen’ as often, they all burst out into a kind of loud and joyous laugh, flinging up their hats and caps into the air, capering about and perhaps kissing the girls.

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