IPA: jɪʃˈivʌ


  • Alternative spelling of yeshiva [(Judaism) An academy for the advanced study of Jewish texts.]

Examples of "yeshivah" in Sentences

  • His most famous place of being a rosh yeshivah, 3.
  • No one ever applied the term 'seminary' to our yeshivah.
  • He was responsible for the upkeep of the underground yeshivah there.
  • All of the yeshivah studies the same portion, or sugya in the morning.
  • In 1553 he returned to Prague and became the head of a yeshivah there.
  • He currently teaches mathematics at the Yeshivah of Flatbush high school.
  • The Yeshivah of Flatbush's academic teams compete in a wide range of areas.
  • Then again, I did not have the advantage of a yeshivah education so I could be mistaken.
  • As Schenirer saw it, the best young men were still under the safe influence of the yeshivah.
  • Then again, I did not have the advantage of a yeshivah education so I could be mistaken.yankevQuote
  • The ultra-Orthodox schools prepare young women for their role not only as mothers but also as breadwinners, while their husbands devote themselves to Talmud study in a yeshivah.
  • Beginning in the late 1960s, this ethic of modesty changed significantly, due to the increasing influence on the religious Zionist society of the Merkaz ha-Rav school (after the yeshivah by this name).
  • In a work incorporated in a book by Josef ben Gershom of Rosheim (1478 – 1554), Johanan Luria described Rabbanit Miriam as a teacher who “sat in the yeshivah behind a curtain and taught the law to some outstanding young men.”
  • Her father, Avrom Punsky (1906 – 1977), born in Visoki Dvor (today Aukstadvaris), Lithuania, where he received a traditional Jewish education (heder and yeshivah), emigrated to Mexico in 1924 and earned his living as a merchant.
  • Practically, that meant that female yeshivah graduates were restricted to the types of studies their female ancestors were exposed to — with Bible being the most advanced subject — although they would learn their Torah with greater intensity and sophistication.
  • Beginning in 1932 she served as director of the Dance Education Department of the Bureau of Jewish Education, which sought to augment Jewish education with non-yeshivah type activities such as music, dance and crafts, in order to promote Hebrew as a modern language.
  • This rising influence was fed by the euphoria of the Six Day War, the massive transition to extensive settlement activity throughout Judea and Samaria (which was highly esteemed in religious Zionist circles) and the impressive development of religious education in Israel, with the establishment of the Bnei Akiva yeshivah system, the Hesder yeshivot (incorporating military service with traditional studies), seminaries for high-school girls, and pre-military academies.

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