IPA: jˈɛti


  • (cryptozoology) An unidentified humanoid animal said to live in the Himalayas.

Examples of "yeti" in Sentences

  • A yeti is usually neutral in alignment.
  • In it, the llama gives the yeti a machine gun.
  • Marc also turns into a hairy yeti in the process.
  • The image is an accurate representation of a Yeti.
  • But I think the yeti explanation makes more sense.
  • The is the Japanese equivalent of the Bigfoot or Yeti.
  • A "yowie" is Australia's version of a yeti, a k a Bigfoot.
  • They are the slave masters of both the Sasquatch and the Yeti.
  • Entree joins the Yetis and the others tell him the Yetis will eat him.
  • The story is notable for the introduction of recurring foes, the Yeti.
  • Evans and Bright and the Yeti fell into a crevasse, presumably to their deaths.
  • …. note how Yukon brings in the abominable snowman and that in the very next frame the yeti is free and putting the star on the tree.
  • A team of Japanese adventurers say they have discovered footprints they believe were made by the legendary yeti, which is said to roam Nepal and Tibet.
  • It was named Kiwa hirsuta kiwa, after the goddess of shellfish in Polynesian mythology, but has become known as the yeti crab because of its hairy appearance.
  • "The yeti is a complicated Audio-Animatronics figure whose complex functions have presented some challenges affecting its operation," said Walt Disney World spokeswoman Andrea
  • June 06, 2005 13: 35 nicki: if you haven't already tried, you could maybe get a copy of yeti from the guy who did it, mike. try him at or yetimike@comcast. net.
  • Several findings were rich and strange: a hairy new species dubbed the yeti crab; a 21-foot-long squid; a new species of lobster weighing 8.8 pounds; an ancient shrimp thought to have become extinct 50 million years ago.
  • Shouts from the scientists watching the monitors quickly drew everyone on board to gaze upon a landscape blanketed by what they quickly realized was a new species of kiwa crab, also known as the yeti because of its hairy body.

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