IPA: zˈæksɪs


  • (algebraic geometry) The axis on a graph of at least three dimensions that is usually drawn vertically and usually shows the range of values of a variable dependent on two other variables or the third independent variable.

Examples of "z-axis" in Sentences

  • So maybe the z-axis could be “treatment”. scott Says:
  • If this were three-dimensional, you could have a z-axis labeled “alcohol ingested.”
  • It is created in a 3D environment and yet despite the presence of a z-axis it manages to remain flat and devoid of substance.
  • Maybe with another linear cam in the z-axis (assuming the rods are in the x-y plane), or with levers, gears, axles, something.
  • Hell with that – as badly as most of the idiots on the road drive regular cars, do we really want to put them thousands of feet in the air with a z-axis to worry about?
  • December 14th, 2009 at 2: 34 pm you left out the z-axis, “People who ignore it out of fear or jealousy” … or would that be better expressed by a Venn diagram? fireflight Says:
  • Again, a great sense of expansiveness will be possible by expanding the sense of depth, and a cramped, claustrophobia will be possible through “squeezing the air” out of the z-axis.
  • Though similarities to Super Paper Mario's dimensional shifts are still being drawn elsewhere, Fez does far more with its z-axis than anyone before has dared, making progress through its world directly reliant on cutting a path through each of its four sides.
  • Section E 5′28″ – 6′13″ – Moving Playfield: Another ‘gradually evolving’ section where i tried to establish the basis for the section by zooming in place, then breaking that expectation by zooming to different spots, then breaking that by adding x-axis rotation, then breaking that by adding z-axis rotation.
  • But the movement here, while accurate, doesn't give me a strong "feeling" of movement (though the splash helps) this is mainly due to staging choices (the action is coming at us along the z-axis in a long shot) and the movement of the waves is given the same amount of detail and attention as the main figure.

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