IPA: zˈɑr


  • Alternative form of zar [A religious set of beliefs and practices in parts of northern Africa and the Middle East, involving the possession of an individual (usually female) by a type of spirit.]

Examples of "zaar" in Sentences

  • Like in Bazaar or the actual word Zaar.
  • I suspect that B-zaar and treeman are the same person.
  • "Excuse me, Vii-zaar Liriili -" Acorna interrupted as politely as possible.
  • Fank ewe keshet, I know as I have menney wurdpress sites myself – sumtimes it ax bee-zaar.
  • No wonder he-she, he corrected himself-had van-ished with the impressively muscled minidrag Baltha-zaar.
  • It would have been a trading ba - zaar like nothing ever seen in Thorbardin, even in the great centers of the Daewar city.
  • The inhabitants of Sha - zaar had deliberately refrained from extending their borders further, for though the dwellers in the Silent Land rarely ventured beyond the Marshes of the Mist, the natural borderline between the two lands, the inhabitants of Shazaar held their unknown neighbours in almost superstitious fear.

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