IPA: zˈæftɪg


  • (US, colloquial, of a woman) Having a plump and sexually attractive figure; voluptuous, well-proportioned; large.

Examples of "zaftig" in Sentences

  • Beyonce is more zaftig than you'd think.
  • Beyonce's certainly more zaftig than the bunch of them.
  • Amber has us LOL'n with her take on the "zaftig" Alexandra...
  • Which means that no size 4 girl is going to be called "zaftig" by Heidi Klum!
  • Grandpa Izzy says that Margaret is zaftig, which is Yiddish for pleasingly plump.
  • While I'm not in favor of euphemisms (My favorite is "zaftig", by far), "heavy" and "big" are accurate terms.
  • It's that she's been taught to hate herself at 160 pounds, and to describe herself as "zaftig" at 140 (a BMI of
  • The "zaftig" Daisy Rock Zebra Butterfly Jumbo is as graceful and beautiful a guitar as Daisy Rock has ever produced.
  • SEE YA! "or did things like mentioning a pitcher's" zaftig "ERA (which he really did on at least one occasion), I began to look forward to hearing his Kay-isms every night.
  • Keen attention is paid to organic features, from the topography of an aging woman's wrinkles, to the soft flesh of a zaftig figure on her bed, or the delicate layer of snow on an apple tree.
  • In my opinion, Jewish women are the authority on this body image stuff -- Jews invented the word zaftig and live lives peppered with proverbs like "Worries go down better with soup" and the ever-uplifting, "Eat and drink for tomorrow you may die."
  • (The surest way to end a pitch meeting in LA is to tell them you want the lead female character to be a little "zaftig" - the look you get from the development executives is usually somewhere between "I'm sorry, I couldn't have just hear you correctly" and "Oh, I didn't realize you smoked crack.")

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