IPA: zˈæg


  • One of a series of sharp turns or reversals.
  • twist in a storyline


  • (intransitive) To move with a sharp turn or reversal.

Examples of "zag" in Sentences

  • The line incorporated a zig zag.
  • The car zig zags all of a sudden.
  • The insect zig zags in the forest.
  • The irony in the ZAG is pretty funny.
  • For the bridge and zig zag bridge articles.
  • Overall action is a big zig zag toward the fisherman.
  • The girl likes to zig zag and travel to random places.
  • There, zig and zag appear out of the hole, startling the group.
  • Two of them manage to escape, Zig and Zag, to the planet earth.
  • The road is one way for most of the Zig Zag, and is not recommended for hiking.
  • Emerging from the tunnel, the line zig zags sharply backwards and forward twice.
  • The road is one big long zig-zag which is kinda fun-but probably not that fun for the bus driver!
  • The Wall took an often silly zig-zag course through Berlin — like a gerrymandered election district.
  • The chevron, or zig-zag, which is not always single, but often duplicated, triplicated, or quadrupled.
  • Of the main characters, Tilda Swinton’s never quite makes that zag, which is a shame because she’s an incredible actor.
  • I love zig and zag, living in a big city I am not sure if I even know what they are entirely, I assume related to turkeys.
  • FUNDAMENTALS OF INVESTING These measurements can aid in the hunt for assets that zig when others zag, thereby reducing portfolio volatility.
  • A brilliant little "zag" turned into a series of seemingly endless pot-shots, which I (and perhaps some others) found a little overly tedious and adolescent in nature.
  • The self-cleaning, stepped shoulder blocks provide enhanced traction in deep mud and snow while the high-angled center tread blocks and zig-zag microgrooves deliver improved lateral stability and traction in rain and snow -- all while reducing road noise.

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