IPA: zʌkɑt


  • (Islam) Almsgiving, one of the five pillars of Islam, in the form of an annual tax on certain types of property which is then used for charitable purposes.

Examples of "zakat" in Sentences

  • They in turn had to pay a zakat tax.
  • The infidels pay both jizya and zakat.
  • Jizya has nothing to do with Zakat at all.
  • This category is for articles relating to zakat.
  • Zakat almsgiving became the tax paid to the state.
  • To which of the Five Pillars does the word zakat refer?
  • Jizya is in contrast to Zakat, and that has to be mentioned.
  • Charitable giving, or zakat, is one of the five pillars of Islam.
  • In the case of the Muslims the rate was the same as that of Zakat.
  • Exempt from Zakat are a person's house and personal transportation.
  • The same kind of differences also exist about the disbursement of zakat.
  • Other than zakat, which is obligatory, people can also offer voluntary alms known as sadaqah.
  • I can help make sure she has the ability to feed herself and the children through our Islam-mandated charity called zakat.
  • Fulfilling their "zakat" - giving to charitable causes -- is a fundamental tenet of Islam and a high priority for donors and volunteers.
  • This is the time of the year - the month of Ramadan -- when you traditionally spend a lot of time thinking about what your parents called "zakat" - giving to the less fortunate.
  • This is known as zakat, often loosely translated from Arabic as "charity," which should go toward helping orphans and the poor, as well as assisting people in debt, suffering from illness or facing numerous other financial struggles.
  • Sir Thomas W. Arnold, (Call to Islam) muslims also pay tax aswell it is called zakat they are not exempt from it!!!! deary me, mel philips talk about falling standards in education maybe she should start at home first .... reading books by robert spencer and then taking the verses out of context is not critical reasoning. nadeem afzal

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