IPA: zˈɑmʌ


  • Synonym of zama-zama

Examples of "zama" in Sentences

  • I agree, cut the useless description of Zama if necessary.
  • BT , thanks for putting in the date for the Battle of Zama.
  • There is now a reference embedded in the Camp Zama article.
  • "I also miss zama, which is like a chicken soup, only sour.
  • Furthermore the war did not end with the peacetreaty after Zama.
  • The main commissary for the Camp Zama community is located on SHA.
  • His support at the Battle of Zama was critical to the Roman victory.
  • At the time Zama was a desolate village having nothing worth seeing.
  • The station is located on the border of Sagamihara with the city of Zama.
  • He is actually the reincarnation of Show Zama from the original TV series.
  • Harmony confirmed that 294 illegal miners, known as zama zamas, have been arrested at its disused mines in the past year.

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