IPA: zˈeɪmʌn


  • Albizia saman, a large tropical tree in the pea family.

Examples of "zaman" in Sentences

  • NYT and Zaman are as public as it gets.
  • Denagn kemajuan zaman yang makin modern.
  • Zaman cannot be considered as unreliable.
  • There's already an article at Fakhar Zaman.
  • The Zaman occupy the valley of the Dja River.
  • Zaman is owned by Gulen and therefore suspect.
  • Zaman is the most selling newspaper in Turkey.
  • “Fi zaman-hi,” alluding to a peculiarity highly prized by
  • Azhar Zaman Naul prominent humanist for the cause of tribe.
  • Zaman confirmed that there was no opposition to the American.
  • Salman Zaman will be the country's only representative in shooting.
  • Labels: borders, dina zaman, malaysian authors posted by bibliobibuli at 8: 04 AM
  • Ramuan ini sudah dipakai selama lebih dari 2.000 tahun sejak zaman Yunani dan Romawi kuno.
  • Single rooms start at €110, and deluxe suites are €375 (963-11-543-5380, www.
  • Bir felkete uradnz ve ulularnzn maktul dtn grdnz zaman onu yalnz bana brakacaksanz imdiden braknz.
  • Dengan memahami bentuk teater ini akan membantu para sejarawan sastra karya Shakespeare lebih memahami tentang kondisi zaman itu.
  • Some say that Rudat developed from zikir zaman, which is the choral singing of Arabic texts in praise of the Prophet Muhammad accompanied by silat movements, and burdah, the singing of Arabic texts accompanied by the rebana.

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