IPA: zɑmɑŋ


  • Alternative form of zaman (Albizia saman). [Albizia saman, a large tropical tree in the pea family.]

Examples of "zamang" in Sentences

  • The animal lay stretched beneath the shade of a large zamang.
  • This zamang must be at least as old as the Orotava dragon-tree.
  • The zamang is a fine species of mimosa, and its tortuous branches are divided by bifurcation.
  • The road is bordered with large zamang-trees, or mimosas, the trunks of which rise to sixty feet high.
  • It was the "zamang" tree -- a species of _mimosa_, and one of the most beautiful trees of South America.
  • We heard with satisfaction that the present proprietor of the zamang had brought an action against a cultivator who had been guilty of cutting off
  • The trunk of the zamang del Guayre, * which is found on the road from Turmero to Maracay, is only sixty feet high, and nine thick; but its real beauty consists in the form of its head.
  • The inhabitants of these villages, but particularly the Indians, hold in veneration the zamang del Guayre, which the first conquerors found almost in the same state in which it now remains.

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