IPA: zˈænʌk


  • united states filmmaker whose works include the first feature-length film with sound sequences (1902-1979)

Examples of "zanuck" in Sentences

  • Zanuck found this ending unacceptable.
  • Discovered in Paris by the wife of mogul Darryl Zanuck.
  • Zanuck provided an extra production number for the tune.
  • In 1952, she divorced Cavalcade, and moved into the Zanuck home.
  • Zanuck had wanted to adapt it into a musical but Fuller refused.
  • Zanuck later lured Tibbett back to films with a generous contract.
  • A talking parrot was introduced in the revised script but cut by Zanuck.
  • That year Darryl Zanuck announced his resignation as head of production.
  • There is a photograph of ill Rogers and Darryl Zanuck at polo behind the bar.
  • By then Zanuck agreed to allow Preminger to direct as well as produce the film.

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