IPA: zˈɑrf


  • An ornamental container designed to hold a coffee cup and insulate it from the hand of the drinker.

Examples of "zarf" in Sentences

  • The Navy zarf is very plain and utilitarian.
  • Zarf falls in love with Bianca at first sight.
  • i projeler dahilinde belirli zamanlar zarf? nda vatan?
  • Tortoiseshell, horn and ivory zarf required special skill to make.
  • Bianca didn't accept Zarf at first, but the two are now close mates.
  • At age nineteen, Zarf is a famous rock star and has become a millionaire.
  • Zarf is a male to female transgender character who fell in love with Bianca.
  • It was served in small cups without handles (known as fincan), which were placed in holders known as zarf (from the Arabic word, meaning container, envelope) to protect the cup and also the fingers of the drinker from the hot fluid.
  • Muslims have a fantastic ability to turn on and off their "deeply sincere" beliefs when it comes to fooling non-Muslims, whether selling in a souk (that metalwork zarf-and-finjan set in Morocco, the hubble-bubble pipe in Egypt, the carpet in Damascus), or outside the souk, selling Infidels a bill of goods.
  • Yeh log toh hameshaa hii aallah-zarf log rahe hain (people of higher intelect), how can we imagine to put ourselves at a higher level vis-a-vis them and do the critiqing on them because we can do critiqing on another person only when we are at a level which is "one plus" the person we are attempting to criticise.

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