IPA: zˈeɪɪn


  • The seventh letter of many Semitic alphabets (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others).

Examples of "zayin" in Sentences

  • She rests it there, as if warming herself on a cook-pot. tet zayin
  • In Modern Hebrew, Zayin may also mean penis in a rude or informal way.
  • Anyone who confuses zayin and tziyoan to make a silly political point is aboob.
  • For a moment, he watches them rise and fall, gently, with her breathing. kaf zayin
  • For a brief introduction and a glossary of Hebrew and Aramaic words, see the first installment. yod zayin
  • She waits patiently, smiling, encouraging; but her smile is dimming, her limbs growing cold, her breath thin, quick -- mem zayin
  • Zion actually means a “designated area or sign post,” which sounds similar to zayin, which means a weapon or penis, according to Rabbi Charles Sheer, the former Jewish chaplain at Columbia.
  • One of the assigned readings by Israeli scholar and feminist Simona Sharoni spoke of how in Hebrew the word “zayin” means both penis and weapon in a discussion of Israeli militarised masculinity.
  • For what it’s worth, my wife reiterates her point that “neshek,” not zayin, is the Hebrew word for “weapon,” and adds that it’s very, very rare to hear any of the other terms the reader mentions in modern Hebrew.
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  • The derivation I heard was that in early Israeli slang the word zanav, ‘tail’, was used for penis, and when that started to seem too improper, the first letter of the word, zayin, was euphemistically substituted for it, which in due course has become the only colloquial word for it (with no trace of this sense remaining inzanav).

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