IPA: zˈɛɫʌs


  • Full of zeal; ardent, fervent; exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion.

Examples of "zealous" in Sentences

  • Atkinson was a zealous exponent of mesmerism.
  • I notice the same zealous commitment in all of us.
  • Among the zealous patrons of the art were the Medici.
  • He is studious and extremely zealous of school rules.
  • He was especially zealous for the observance of poverty.
  • Father Provancher was one of the most zealous person I know.
  • Mamachi was a zealous supporter of the power of the Roman Pontiff.
  • Harris was a zealous advocate of the area bombing of German cities.
  • A zealous referee spotted the wipe and ejected Bobby from the game.
  • But in spite of this, he and his friends remain the zealous pacifists.
  • As for the claim that they had been over-zealous, that is just rubbish.
  • The legal profession has taken the notion of zealous representation to mean whatever the client wants.
  • He was known as a zealous puritan, and had given his sister in marriage to the celebrated Edmund Cartwright the leader of the sect.
  • Tonight, 12 House Republican congressmen outraged by what they call the zealous and unjust sentences, they've sent a letter to President Bush.
  • In addition to his witness to the faith under persecution which encouraged the young to persevere, Fr Jia was known as a zealous and devout pastoral priest.
  • I respectfully suggest that "cult like behavior" is defined as zealous advocacy that leads to magical thinking and imperviousness to fact, you simply cannot beat a Hillary true-believer.
  • Yet in this work he can find no words sufficiently strong to praise what he calls the zealous freedom and Christian earnestness of one of the most offensive canters that the whole range of fiction presents.
  • "I don't know many lawyers in the bankruptcy practice who take the idea of zealous representation of their client as seriously as he does," says Richard Chesley, a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer who has worked with Mr. Lauria on a couple of cases.
  • When he came nearest to the scientific spirit of his time, in zealous observations of the life of nature, he characteristically concentrated on the sequence of various bird notes at daybreak and the flight of moths as the stars of twilight were kindled.

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